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31 Mar 2016
Wim Hof Method is a particular mental and physiological training technique.

Wim hof method

Ok so let’s cut right to the chase and tell you just how the Wim Hof Strategy is a particular mental and physiological training technique taught from the man himself, Wim Hof. His training incorporates 3 main pillars of coaching, such as “breathing”, “meditation” and “cold exposure”. These 3 pillars will allow you to ultimately manipulate your defense mechanisms to be able to better adapt to situations when your body's under stress, whether that be from sickness, harsh environmental elements or another stresses.The theory behind the Wim Hof Method is that because average human goes regarding day-to-day lives they may be simply not exposing their own health to a particular environments, which may allow the body to face up to and adapt to such stress. Wim Hof also claims that we are not attracting enough oxygen into our bodies once we start our lives. Which means that we are no able to alkalize the body to the maximum potential. Through Wim Hof’s training he will have you conducting a certain style of controlled hyperventilation which induces a larger flow of oxygen in the system which is then better stored in the particular groups blood, cells and organs. Ultimately, it's an alkalising influence on our bodies which to be sure is effective in reducing inflammation within the body and subsequently steer clear of the bodies from suffering from debilitating conditions brought on by a lot of inflammation in the body. Wim Hof’s popularity and experience of the world wide web exploded recently after he took part in a properly conducted documentary by Vice. Read the documentary below if you have the time and energy to watch - it’s definitely an entertaining watch. Wim Hof aka “The Iceman” was born in 1959 from the southern area of the Netherlands called Stittard. He or she is predominantly famous for is daredevil stunts, world record feeds with his fantastic capability to endure unimaginable feats whilst coming in contact with extremely cold conditions. As whim describes, as part of his interview with Dr Rhonda Patrick, he was never a star student in school and the man never left School to pursue a job in psychology, science or another holistic or research discipline. He is doing however explain that from an earlier age in the mid teens which he was always enthusiastic about human behaviour and issues surrounding psychology. There exists a sad and unfortunate twist to Wim’s life because his wife this agreement she has five children to sadly committed suicide several years ago that left him and the family heartbroken. Whilst always creating a very keen curiosity about holistic living it turned out the passing of his beloved wife, which really put him with a mission to try and spread general human happiness around the world. Wim Hof began to carry on to particular extremes and seeking to partake in some style of living that allows his body and mind for being as some have described “superhuman”. Through his kind of training Wim Hof continues to be in a position to devise a course which allows us to tap into our inner most primal make-up as a possible animal to withstand environmental, physiological and physiological changes or conditions which the body may be subjected to. So that you can show himself as well as the world in particular just how his training method can perform “superhuman” results he's got played within a whole selection of unimaginable daredevil style feats to ultimately prove how his method can train the human body to adapt itself to two extremes for example cold, hot or high altitude exposure. A few of these incredible feats and world records are most definitely worth mentioning. There's no denying that Wim Hof is a gifted and special individual and his proven this time after time again by completing almost impossible feats and subsequently providing strength to to 20 world records for particular feats and extreme events which many people would think was impossible. Several of these unimaginable feats which Wim Hof holds world records for generally involve exposing his body to many with the harshest and coldest factors that you could consider. In 2007 climbed up most of the far to Mt Everest in nothing but shorts and shoes. He climbed you use 6.7 km (22,000 feet) up Mt Everest however unfortunately still did not attain the summit as they sustained a continuing foot injury. Whilst he was struggling to attain the summit his feat in climbing 22,000 with the 29,000 in most with the coldest and harshest conditions evidently on this planet are nearly unfathomable. Many a man did not achieve the summit due to altitude sickness or hypothermia whilst being well layered in highly engineered mountaineering gear. Yet Wim Hof’s training enabled his body to stand up to some of the most extreme and cold weather in minimal clothing. 

Wim hof method


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